What We Do To Support You

We know how important your goals are and we want to partner with you to achieve them! The old way of reactive analytics for short term changes are a thing of the past. Stop the merry-go-round and let us bring you into the future of medical consulting. Our goal is to partner with you long term and provide predictive data driven analytics that can withstand staffing and leadership changes.  Your success is our success! 

How The Program Works

  • Drive Urgent Care, FSED, ED, and EMS programs from a fully personalized perspective
  • Expertise at all angles of operations – System and Organizational Level
  • Proactive Data driven decisions for long term sustainable positive change
  • We teach you independence with the ability to be by your side at any point

What We Offer

  • Staff Engagement from pre arrival, immediate bedside, and handoff to internal or external referral
  • Lab Performance DI efficiencies, PT Satisfaction, Provider Performance, Clinical Staff Performance (RN, PM, Tech, other support staff)
  • JC Certified Program Support for Sepsis, Chest Pain, Stroke, and Trauma
  • Specialized support to drive Abdominal Pain Patients performance
  • Risk Share opportunities so your success is our success
  • Real Time Data you have access to at any point
  • A cloud based predictive data solution that you have access to—at all times
  • Customized dashboards Tailored to your specific stakeholder needs

The Risk Share Program

We are confident in our ability to show you long-lasting improvement backed by your own data, your own savings and your own newly gained financial profits. Our risk share model allows you to save money on the initial investment you make into consulting partnerships provides you the ability to focus on exponential growth versus cost cutting strategies of other firms.

Together we can use predictive analytics, combined with our professional team to make a real difference for your patients, staff, and facility for years to come.

For a private presentation and further information, contact Michael Swenson, Chief Clinical Officer of Silver Group. We look forward to partnering with you.